Lions District 201V1-4

Victoria, Australia


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Lions District 201V1-4 have information and ideas in support of your next environmental project.

Lions Clubs are known for serving the community as well as organizing projects and activities to raise money for the community. The Lions, officially in 1972, made a commitment to servicing the community in environmental related projects.

These projects are aimed to improve the quality of air, water and land as well as protect and preserve local flora and fauna. Other areas that the clubs seek to assist with are recycling efforts. These projects were initiated in conformance to the Lions Policy Statement on the Human Environment.
The environment and the wellbeing of the future of the planet is vital to the community. The Lions are dedicated to educating, assisting and preventing further damage to the earth. Planning environment projects is a great way to get the entire community involved in your service activity. Organize hands-on projects that protect the environment for a cleaner, healthier, brighter future.