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Environment - Lions Green Teams

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The Lions Green Teams is an initiative that promotes and assists Lions Clubs in undertaking an environmental project. Lions all over the world have assisted in many successful environmental projects since 1972.
To assist Lions Clubs, a Lions Green Team Kit can be purchased via an order form or downloaded. The kit includes Guides and tip sheets for environmental project ideas and procedures, promotion and education sheets for simple household and everyday environmental initiatives, press release and certificate of achievement templates and many more.
The kit includes the following, which can be downloaded via the links below:
Green Team Tote Bag and other Resources
Green Team Guide
Green Team Tip Sheet
Green Team Press Release
Green Team Flyers
Green Team Certificate of Achievement
Green Team Stickers
The promotional YouTube video for the Lions green team and environmental initiative can be used for your future environmental projects.
Here is an opportunity to accept the challenge in becoming a Lions Green Team and serving to protect the environment.
Please contact Sam Tung at for any queries or assistance.