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Environment - Lions Adopt-A-Highway

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The first Adopt-A-Highway program was conducted in Texas, USA in 1985. This program is designed for Lions Clubs to assist the community in ensuring that the roads are free of litter, rubbish are appropriately recycled and prevent harm to the environment.

Studies have shown that highway rubbish are composed of:
- 59% paper
- 16% aluminium cans
-  6% bottles
-  6% plastic
- 13% miscellaneous rubbish

The Lions Adopt-A-Highway is a program in which a section of a road/ highway is identified by a Lions Club in their area in which they would like to adopt as their own to maintain in a clean and tidy state. The section of the road/ parkhighway should be between 2km and 5 km in length and be an area in which work can be done comfortably and safely.

Keep Victoria Beautiful Adopt a Roadside program aims to reduce litter on Victoria’s roadsides to stop pollutants from entering local waterways, improves the quality of vegetation, and prevents soil degradation and erosion. It also promotes civic responsibility, community pride and fellowship. There are currently more than 110 Adopt a Roadside groups made up of individuals, organisations and community groups operating across Victoria.

If you would like to become an Adopt a Roadside volunteer, set-up your own group or join an existing one, go to or email for further discussion on the applicability of the road/ highway, safe work areas, suggested attire and equipment, restrictions and guidelines as well as assist with making an application for a permit to VicRoads.

To ensure volunteers are equipped to do their job, Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria provides safety training and first aid kits