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Environment - National Tree Day and Tree Planting

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Trees play an important role in sustaining a healthy environment. Every tree planted by a Lion is part of a large scale effort by members around the world to make a significant impact on the environment.

Lions has been an official supporter of National Tree Day for nine years. As well as providing helping hands, Lions Clubs put on barbecues at hundreds of tree planting sites around the country.

National Tree Day began in 1996 and has grown into Australia’s biggest community nature protection event. Each year hundreds of thousands of people plant around a million seedlings, and restore many thousands of hectares of unique Australian landscape to enable local native plants & animals to flourish. National Tree Day is a “call to action” to all Australians to get involved in volunteering to help protect and care for their local environment. Many volunteers are encouraged by the fact that National Tree Day is a national event. By joining together with the rest of the country, the volunteers are able to measure the significant environmental impact of all their combined efforts across Australia.

Hundreds of local councils, community and environmental groups and businesses across Australia take the opportunity to register and run a public site on National Tree Day, taking advantage of the marketing and publicity that Planet Ark creates around the event and to signal their contribution to the collective national effort.
National Tree Day benefits organisations by:
• Raising the public profile of the group through local media coverage in print, online and broadcast media
• Helping to identify areas of environmental concern that need repair
• Encouraging a more unified community who have a sense of ownership of their local natural spaces

• Improving the condition of local parks, gardens, catchment areas and habitat

• Generating positive publicity

• Educating the community about plants indigenous to the area, showing them what they should be planting in their backyard

• Helping to educate and inform Australians about environmental issues and encouraging them to take part in future nature protection programs

For more information on how to get started, visit , , or call National Tree Day Hotline: 1300 88 5000

Please contact Sam Tung at for further queries or assistance.