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Victoria, Australia

Lancefield Romsey Lions Club helps out with the the Feb 2014 Fires

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The recent fire has impacted the Romsey Lancefield regional community in an enormous proportion.  The following release gives you an account of just some of the outstanding support the Romsey Lancefield region provided.

The architecturally designed sporting precinct in Romsey became the Staging Ground for more than 100 fire trucks, 15 helicopters, 450 fire fighters and vehicles from CFA, NSW Rural Fire Service, DEPI, SES, and St John Ambulance.

The Romsey Lancefield regional business community rallied to provide goods and services in support of this effort for the locally led team of volunteers, who supplied over 1000 meals per day to the firefighters, pilots and support crews.

The wonderful community town spirit displayed under these very trying conditions, was wonderful to see and humbling to be part of.

The biggest thanks goes to our HERO’s, the men and women of the CFA, NSW RFS, DEPI and their support crews who fought the fires.

“To the CFA Volunteers – ‘firies’ and supporting volunteers assisting…..

Your efforts are so very much appreciated,

 keeping us safe

while placing yourselves in harms way,

you are all amazing people!

Stay safe – God Bless”

(This was a handwritten note from “Sarah and Liz” handed in at the Staging Ground which encapsulates community sentiment.)