Lions District 201V1-4

Victoria, Australia

Glenroy Lions Club - DG Malcolm Qualtrough Team Visit - 16th November 2017

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VDG Frankie Tang was warmly welcomed as he visited Glenroy on the 16th of November.

He gave a short address to the audience before exchanging bannerettes with President Jeff Thomas.

Following this brief exchange he presented a 4-year service award to Lion Barb Kenny along with a 25-year Monarch award to Lion Lindsay Knight.

He also accepted a $500 cheque from the club to support the DG’s project of Shannon’s Bridge.

There followed an address to the club by Sandra Staffieri who is currently undergoing her PhD in the field of children’s vision problems.

Glenroy, being a very strong supporter of any project to do with eyesight will be providing her with some support.

Another positive of her address was that Frankie Tang became very interested in her project and this could lead to further support from other Lions Clubs.

The meeting ended with a small presentation to our waitress in thanks for her great service over the years,

as this was the club’s final dinner meeting at Melrose because of declining attendances.