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Victoria, Australia

Health and Welfare


Sons of the West is a community health initiative supporting men in the western suburbs to lead healthier lives. It’s a wonderful, and highly successful initiative of the Western Bulldogs, and Melton Council is a very proud partner.

They’ve released a documentary ‘Man to Man – Five men. Five life changing stories’ that shares the stories of five men who’ve completed the program, and hears their unique perspectives about how the program has helped them.

I encourage you to have a look and to think about forwarding it to an important bloke in your life. 

Sons of the West documentary

You can find out more about Sons of the West at

Picture show Blair Gould, this year Lions children of courage winner is receiving Dexcom continuous Glucose monitoring system from District Governor Naga Sundararajah during the Birchip lions meeting on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. 

(Left to Right:- Lion Keith Barber, President Noel Acreman , District Governor  Naga Sundararajah, Blair Gould, Blair’s Mother Rosalie, Lion Noel Fletcher, Blair’s Father Darren Gould.)

Blair has diabetes 1 and suffers from Coeliac disease. Despite the life threatening disease he tries to live the normal teenager life with his parents support. We lions donated this monitoring system from the District Governor fund.  District Governor Naga Sundararajah would like to thank, those who contributed: Rosalie Gould, the Australian Lions Foundation, Melbourne Market Lions, Ballan Lioness, Woomelang Lions, Brown Hill Lions, Sea Lake Lions, Coburg Lions, Broadmeadows Lions, Glenroy Lions, Birchip Lions, Ouyen Lions and Eaglehawk Lions, for their generous support. This continuous Glucose Monitoring machine will revolutionize his diabetic control and reduces the risk to life and morbidity.  Blair’s parents will also have less anxiety, stress and worries as this monitoring machine will enable him to be less dependent on the parents and more independent.