Lions District 201V1-4

Victoria, Australia

DG Murray Baud's visit to Kangaroo Flat and Maiden Gully Marong Lions 30 Sept 2018


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Lovely night with Maiden Gully Marong and Kangaroo Flat clubs. Lockwood PS Principal Sally Rule raised a toast to the club and Lions Clubs International.

A wonderful speech in summary of the assistance the Lions have provided them and the community highlighting our ethics and motto "We Serve".

I also had great pleasure in inducting a new member into each club. Well done to the catering team on the night. Fantastic spread of casseroles and food.

Images: DG Murray with MGM Pres Gerg Ralton, KFs Brian Ede, 2/ KF Brian Ede and 30 year chevron to Frank Ward. MGM sponsor Gordan Chalmers with Karen Forbes, KFlat inductee Elizabeth hall and Sponsor Richard Hall.